Thursday is….Thirst Day!


My Friend David Etkin came up with the Thirst Day meme idea. Check out his fabulous blog {Eat The Book}!

I don’t know about your family….but my family and I have been cutting back during the holidays. So now when we get together we have a white elephant exchange. You can’t spend more than $10 and you never know what you will get! It is funny to watch what white elephant gifts end up being a hot commodity and get “stolen” by others. It is a great time and there are many gag gifts given….this Christmas was no exception.  That is were my Thirst Day mug comes in…..

thirst day pic

Yes! That is a toilet mug…..a TOILET MUG! Can you believe it? I was laughing pretty hard.. and it only got worse. The box cover had coffee in the mug. Eww! But my dad….who is never one to be topped mentioned chili! Disgusting!!! Let’s just say that this picture is just for show. I just cannot bring myself to drink from this mug.

I paired this beauty of a mug with the picture book I Loathe You by David Slonim. It is a pretty fun book about a Big Monster and Little Monster who find each other disgusting (in a good way) and really loathe one another. This would be a great book to read for Valentine’s Day! Give your true love this book…but leave the toilet mug at home. I give I Loathe You 4 stinky socks out of 5.

I also read the graphic novel Bird & Squirrel on the Run! by James Burks.  Squirrel is quite the worry wart while Bird doesn’t have a care in the world. Together they make an unlikely pair who are trying to outrun a cunning Cat. I give Bird & Squirrel on the Run! 4 nuts for storing out of 5.

So what is the worst and or funniest gift you have ever received? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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10 Responses to Thursday is….Thirst Day!

  1. When I turned 40, my friends gave me a caftan. Because that’s what you wear when you’re a woman over 40, you know? And while I do appreciate the whole Mrs. Roper aesthetic, I haven’t managed to wear it yet.

  2. Kay McGriff says:

    One year my husband’s uncle gave us an old rotary dial telephone. He couldn’t understand why we loved it so much, but it became the perfect accessory in the outhouse at the campsite at our farm. How many outhouses do you know of with their own (nonworking) telephone?

  3. Allison Jackson says:

    I once literally got a white elephant- it was a candle from one of my students. She said she almost got me the giraffe but knew I would like the white elephant better! ???????
    That’s the second positive review of Bird and Squirrel on the Run I’ve read in the last week, so I’ll have to check it out.
    Really enjoying your new blog!

  4. Niki Barnes says:

    Thanks Allison! Yes! Check out Bird & Squirrel! I think your students would enjoy it too! 🙂 I wonder if your student knew what she was getting you. Too Cute!

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