It’s Treat Tuesday! What are you reading…I mean eating?!


It’s Treat Tuesday! What are you reading….I mean eating?!

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because I get to read….and eat a treat! YUM! A huge thank you to Shannon Houghton for the Treat Tuesday meme picture. Check out her fabulous blog Ms. Houghton’s Class.

The Chicken Problem  by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson goes well with a fresh and juicy and gooey piece of pie. I wish I had a piece of pie.  Sigh. A picture will have to do.

I love The Chicken Problem! I can’t wait to share the story with my class today. I already shared the book trailer yesterday. Check it out!

So what are some of your favorite sweets to dream about eating while you are reading a book? Have you read The Chicken Problem to your studentsWhat did your students think of the book? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section.

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