What the heart wants…

What the heart wants is

a book!

Well, maybe just my nerdy heart wants a book.  Luckily, I know I am not alone. I am so grateful to the friends in my life that love books just as much as I do.  I adore this post by JoEllen McCarthy about heartprint books.  I think about how much my life has changed not just because of the heartprint books I have read…but because of the people who introduced me to those books.  My friends have left “footprints in my heart.” The books I cherish stay  with me because they remind me of the people I love and admire.

My mom


My niece Armani


My fourth grade teacher Miss Luke


My sister

Where The Sidewalk Ends

My friends Margie and Leslie

claude the dog

My friend John


My friend Donalyn

Umbrella Summer

My friend Colby

hound dog true 2

My 2nd grade class last year


For My friend Sandy: My heart breaks….I miss you every day.

Walk Two Moons

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8 Responses to What the heart wants…

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Books carry more than stories, they carry memories..

  2. Samantha says:

    Beautiful post, Niki! This is so true. Walk Two Moons is a heartprint book for me, too. My third grade teacher read us Where the Red Fern Grows and cried through the whole last chapter. I will always think of her when I read that book!

  3. donalynm says:

    I’m glad that you loved Umbrella Summer. I will always smile and remember you when I see it or recommend it now:)

  4. Niki Barnes says:

    Thanks Donalyn! ❤ It always reminds me of when I first met you. 🙂

  5. Josefina says:

    Is anybody reiandg the hunger games series?? I really want to read it, but I need some kind of review . If you could right back please. A teacher that lives near me told me about it and it sounds like something I would really be into. If anyone wants to read it I know the library has a copy of all three; Hunger games, cathching fire, mokingjay. I also know that the public library a copy of all three. I really want to read this book, but I need some opions. And also has anyone read matched? It looks like a good book too. Please right back. Thanks

    • Niki Barnes says:

      The Hunger Games is really good. I enjoyed all three books. I haven’t read Matched but I have also heard it is a great series! Happy Reading! 🙂

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