Teachers: 5 Reasons Why I Think YOU Should Join Twitter!

Twitter? I’m on Facebook! Why should I join Twitter?

My friend and school librarian, Travis Jonker and I are going to present a PD session on Twitter this week. It got me thinking about why I love Twitter as a teacher and why I think other teachers would benefit from tweeting. So here are my five reasons. By the way, I think each reason has made me a better teacher.


Reason #1 : The Nerdy Book Club

The reason I joined Twitter is because Donalyn Miller  (aka The Book Whisperer) told me to join Twitter. Well, she didn’t tell me personally….but she did tell a crowd of teachers to join Twitter and I was in that crowd. I’m not going to lie…I had no interest in joining Twitter. I really thought it was a place for celebrities to talk about themselves. And I really didn’t want to hear about what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner. So I was shocked when Donalyn said it was a great community for teachers. She was right (of course)!

All teachers should join Twitter. It is a great community. And the place I feel most at home is with my fellow book nerds! The Nerdy Book Club hashtag and blog includes authors, teachers, librarians and parents who love children’s books. We use the hashtag #nerdybookclub and support each other’s love for books. We believe in fostering a love for books in our classrooms and helping students become lifelong readers.

I recommend following these Nerdy Book Club educators on Twitter @nerdybookclub @donalynbooks @colbysharp @mrschureads @100scopenotes @katsok @cbethm

Donalyn MillerDonalyn talking to educators about great books and Twitter!

Reason #2: Meeting educators from around the world

It is amazing to connect with educators from around the world. I am now friends with teachers that are working in many different countries-all thanks to Twitter. It is awesome how much I am learning from them. For example, I have always been fascinated with the education system in Finland. I’ve read many articles about how exceptional education is in Finland. So I was overjoyed to connect with an American teacher who is teaching in Finland. I love learning from Tim on Twitter and also from his amazing blog about teaching in Finland called Taught By Finland. It really has made me look at my own teaching practices differently and think deeply about the education system in the United States.

I recommend you follow these amazing educators that are teaching around the world: @timdwalk @stylinlibrarian @Victortweets

Reason #3: Being pushed to take risks and try new things

I am not the most tech savy person… but I use more tech tools in the classroom because of all the amazing educators on Twitter. They have pushed me to stretch as an educator when it comes to technology. I use Skype, blogging, a classroom website and Biblionasium because of Twitter. Who benefits from all the tech tools I learn about on Twitter? My students! In fact I know my students love Skyping with authors, teachers and librarians. I don’t think I would have taken the plunge without a gentle push from my educator friends on Twitter.

Reason #4: Amazing Authors

Authors are my rock stars! They write amazing books my students and I love and their continued generosity is inspiring! I have made some awesome connections with authors on Twitter. I am always floored by their humor, wit, kindness and creativity. I am still in awe that my students and I were able to Skype with authors Kate Messner and Katherine Applegate last year. This year Ame Dyckman has agreed to Skype with my students. We are so lucky! I know I wouldn’t have made these fabulous connections without Twitter.

I recommend following these awesome authors: @AmeDyckman @KateMessner @kaaauthor


Reason #5: Feeling positive about being an educator

The positive people I have met on Twitter have lifted me up and made me realize why I am a teacher. In a time when it can be easy to dwell on the negative in teaching, it is refreshing to interact with so many positive teachers and librarians. The teachers and librarians I follow are making a difference, learning, growing and sharing the positive things that are going on in their classrooms and libraries every day. How can you not feel renewed and inspired when reading Colby Sharp’s blog posts? Or Katherine Sokolowski’s blog? There are so many inspiring and creative educators to follow on Twitter and that leads you to their insightful and amazing blogs as well.

I recommend you follow these positive people: @loveofxena @colbysharp @katsok @libraryfanatic @missmac100 @juleemurphy

I hope my five reasons have convinced you to give Twitter a try. If you decide to join in please find me at @daydreamreader and I am more then willing to help you get started.

Are you already on Twitter? What do you love about it? Who do you follow that inspires you?


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14 Responses to Teachers: 5 Reasons Why I Think YOU Should Join Twitter!

  1. I completely agree, appreciate learning and connections through Twitter ever so much! Thanks for the mention… 🙂

  2. Lisa H says:

    Totally agree – Twitter is an amazing resource! One of my favorite follows @plnaugle – seriously inspiring like so many of your recommendations!

  3. Todd Deaver says:

    This nice thing about Twitter is that it allows you to custom tailor your professional development as it pertains to your school and your own professional growth. I have individuals that hand me a hard copy for an educational resource that might be beneficial, and I reply that I can find 200 resources within 10 -15 minutes that are all highly effective.

  4. Cameron Cox says:

    Mike Leach and Gus Malzahn

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    I have heard so many WONDERFUL things about Twitter, and I would love to learn more about it….maybe I’ll take you up on your offer of helping the technologically illiterate!

  6. Three things changed my classroom and my personal growth as a teacher forever: a very powerful math pd/training, using kidblog, and joining twitter. I went to a session about building a PLN and twitter was the suggested vehicle to build it with. It was right before Thanksgiving break and over that break I thought I would just “try” it out. I read and read and read tweets from amazing educators. I watched for a long time but knew from what I read that one long weekend that twitter was going to be valuable to me. I just had no idea that I would meet teachers from all over the world, join and lead chats, start my own blog or make friends by talking in 140 characters or less. 🙂 Thanks for being part of my PLN, Niki! 🙂

  7. Thanks for your post! I mainly use my twitter account for book related posts, but I am looking forward to connecting with other educators. Thanks again!

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