A Book That Makes Me Smile: Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf

smile book

Okay, if I’m going to dance in my underpants….it has to be in the summertime. Seriously, is there any time more carefree?

Thankfully for my friends, family and neighbors….I don’t dance around in my undies in public. And I will only admit to it here on my blog…anyone else? anyone?

Underpants Dance

Lily McBloom hasn’t quite learned that lesson yet. And what better way to mortify everyone…especially your older sister than to show off your lacy pink underwear at school, in your neighborhood and even at the museum?!

I thought this was a fun book and it put a smile on my face the minute I saw the cover.

So what books make you smile? Use the hashtag #booksmiles on Twitter and let me know in a blog post or Tweet. My fellow nerdy friends and I are posting weekly and using #booksmiles to share our favorites. Please join us!

Happy Reading and Happy Dancing!



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3 Responses to A Book That Makes Me Smile: Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf

  1. Marlena says:

    Oh, I just stumbled across this! Thank you so much for posting. “Smile” is just what I hoped people would do when they read my book. I was certainly smiling when I wrote it. More joy in the world is always a good thing — thanks for helping to spread it. -Marlena Zapf

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