The top 5 reasons why nErDcampmi makes me smile!

nerdcampI was smiling so much last week my cheeks hurt! Why you may ask….because I attended nErD Camp MI for 2 days in Parma, Michigan! It was a wonderful experience and I encourage you to come next year. It will be a conference you won’t forget!

Here are the top five reasons why I was smiling for 2 straight days at nErD Camp!

1. Learning!

You will come home from nErD Camp with great ideas for your classroom, library, family and yourself.

Nerd Camp slide

Colby Sharp gets nErD Camp started!

Donalyn slide

Donalyn Miller shares how to encourage students to become wild readers.

2. Books!

You will take home awesome books that have been donated from amazing publishers, authors and bookstores!

Here are just two of the awesome books that made me smile from nErD Camp!

The Troublemaker

Comics Squad Recess

3. Exercise!

nErd Camp has it all….including a 5 K Run!

nerd camp run

You know you want to join Team Saunter next year! We had a blast!

4. Authors!

nErd Camp had so many amazing authors donate their time! They made nErd Camp and nErd Camp Jr. awesome!

Jenni Holm

 Jenni Holm is Skyping with students for Nerd Camp Jr.

5. Friends!

And most importantly I was able to see my Nerdy Book Club friends! I loved seeing and hugging old friends again and also meeting new friends for the first time in real life…not just on Twitter!

RoomiesReuniting with my MRA roomies!

Ann King and me

 I met my friend Ann for the first time in real life. What did we talk about? Underpants books of course!

nerd camp fun

Thanks for the pictures Donalyn Miller.

I had a great time helping out the Nerd Crew with the nErD Camp set up.


Babymouse and I would love to see your smiling face next year at nErD Camp MI! So mark your calendars NOW for July 6th and 7th 2015!

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