I Got Soul…

Sometimes there are songs that you just want to crank up and sing really loud in your car when no one is in it! I have been kind of “meh” lately. So this song makes me feel inspired and passionate again. It isn’t a new song….but I love it.

 That is kind of how I have been feeling about books lately too. I have read some great books mind you….but I’m just kind of in a “meh” phase I guess. Well, I found a series that makes me feel like the power of story matters! I want to shout from the top of my lungs…”Read This Series!” It isn’t a new series…..but I love it!! It renews my faith in the written word and inspires me as a reader.

I love the Giver series because of the passion that surrounds books, creativity, nature and human kindness in the stories. The books make me want to be creative. I wish I could bottle up this feeling….

I am going to listen to the last book in the series. The first three books have all been excellent on audio book.  I am excited and scared to read it. For some reason the last book in a series usually disappoints me. I’m taking a leap of faith that this series will be different. I can only hope it has as much creativity and soul as the last three books.


What books have renewed your faith in creativity and inspired you?

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3 Responses to I Got Soul…

  1. David E. says:

    I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier!

    David Etkin http://Www.mretome.wordpress.com


  2. Terry Pratchett is an inspiration to me. I got turned on to his work through Nation and then discovered Tiffany Aching. Through her I fell in love with all his witch stories. I adore that his work is hilarious at the same time as it embeds deep truths about what it means to be human. Here is my blog post about Tiffany Aching http://dickenslibrary.blogspot.ca/2012/03/tiffany-aching-collection-by-terry.html

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