25 days of Picture Books: Day 14 and 15!

Picture Book MonthIt is picture book month! So let’s celebrate! Check out the picture book month website here for awesome resources!

We are celebrating day 14 and 15 of 25 days of Picture Books in my classroom! Yesterday we had a snow day…so we read 2 books today!

Book Reveal for Day 14 and 15!

Day 14

Day 14 picture book wrapped

One Big Pair of Underwear

My student Jeremiah loved this book! How could I tell? He would just randomly say the title throughout the day. So funny! My students were laughing at this book all the way through. I love that they caught the message of sharing. They also got a kick out of the end papers as much as I did. You gotta love the underwear tent!

Day 15

Day 15 picture book wrapped

Chloe was very excited to write her name in this book and she couldn’t wait for me to read Little Elliot, Big City aloud! You can’t get much sweeter than Little Elliot! My students noticed that this book was also about sharing! Yes-Life is better with friends! And speaking of friends…..Thank you so much for giving this book to my class Margie! You are the sweetest friend! We need to share a cupcake soon!!

Happy Picture Book Month! I hope your weekend is filled with books and cupcakes. And most of all I hope you get to share them with friends!

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