25 days of Picture Books: Day 24-26!

upwrap book quote by Lester Laminack

We are celebrating Day 24-26 of 25 days of picture books in my class!  What?! 26? A new student started this week so we have a bonus book! I can’t believe the picture book unwrapping is over! I am excited to do this all over again next year! So much fun!!

Book Reveal for Day 24-26!

Day 24

Day 24 picture book wrapped

Quest cover

It was great to read Quest with my students. We discussed it as we were reading it. We noticed important clues in the pictures that told us what was happening in the story.

Day 25

Day 25 picture book wrapped

book and Mr. ZThis was the perfect book for my principal! My students just loved every minute of it! We had a blast! I highly recommend this book as a read aloud!

 Day 26

Day 26 picture book wrapped

Louise Loves ArtMy students loved this bonus book which was added for my new student. We talked about siblings and art as we were reading the story.

My students and I loved unwrapping picture books and I can’t believe the unwrapping is over! I’m planning one more post to celebrate all the books we read together. So check back later this week! It should be a fun post!

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