25 Days of Picture Books: A Celebration!

Celebrating 25 days of Picture Books!

My students and I had a great time unwrapping a book  for 25….okay actually…. 26 days! It was so fun for each student to unwrap their book and get to read it first. Then I read each book aloud to the class. Each child signed their book as the first reader. Finally, I took their picture with their book. I love all the smiling faces! And now we have 26 amazing picture books in our classroom library for all to enjoy!

Day 1

Luke with book

Day 2

Book and Xander

Day 3

Keara with book

Day 4

Book and Keegan

Day 5

book and Aurora

Day 6book and Travis

Day 7

book and Adam

Day 8

book and Brennan

Day 9

book and Mason

Day 10

book and Ethan

Day 11

book and Olivia

Day 12

book and Pepe

Day 13

book and Janet

Day 14

book and Jeremiah

Day 15

book and Chloe

Day 16

book and Rhys

Day 17

book and Brianna

Day 18

book and Issy

Day 19

book and Ashton

Day 20

book and Maddie

Day 21

book and Nataly

Day 22

book and Makenna

Day 23

Book and Connor

Day 24

book and Suriyah

Day 25

book and Mr. Z

Day 26

book and alecia

A huge thank you to Margie Myers-Culver and John Schu for donating books! Also, a huge thank you goes out to Travis Jonker, Janet Allen and Kevin Zaschak for reading to my students! I’m looking forward to unwrapping picture books again next year! Happy Reading!

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