Celebrating 2 years of blogging! My top 2 books of 2014!

I can’t believe I have been blogging about books for 2 years! I’m celebrating by sharing my top 2 books of 2014!

Okay….You really didn’t think I could celebrate just 2 books, did you?! How about 10 books….2 of my favorites in 5 different categories?!

Fiction Picture Books


Sam and Dave Dig a Hole 2

Nonfiction Picture Books


The Right Word

Middle Grade

A snicker of magic

Natallie Lloyd shares background information about her book on her blog!

The Night Gardener

Jonathan Auxier shares the soundtrack for The Night Gardener on his blog!

Graphic Novels

El Deafo


Early Readers

The Princess in Black

leroy ninker

Thank you for following my blog! I’m looking forward to 2015 and celebrating more books together!

I am giving away 2 books from this list of books! The winner gets to choose the 2 books! The book giveaway ends at 11 pm on 12/30/14!

Good Luck and Happy Reading!


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8 Responses to Celebrating 2 years of blogging! My top 2 books of 2014!

  1. Congrats on 2 years of blogging! So many good books here. Snicker of Magic was my fave as well!

  2. Lorna says:

    Loved your list! Limiting it to two for each category must have been SO hard! Happy reading!

  3. Lorna says:

    And happy blogging! Congrats on two years of sharing!

  4. carriegelson says:

    Great list! I was intrigued when I saw that two favourites initially . . . So hard to narrow it all down

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