Join the 2016 Nerdlution!


Join the revolution! Join the resolution! Join the NERDLUTION!

The 2016 Nerdlution starts TODAY (Jan. 4th)  and lasts 50 days- till February 22nd. You can make one goal or many on what you would like to work on for 50 days! Just use the hashtag #nerdlution on Twitter to share your goals and progress. We promise to cheer you on!

My 2 goals this year are joined together!

#1 Read at least one chapter book a week!

circus mirandus

#2 Blog about the chapter book I read each week!

These  2 goals are great for me because I need to get back to blogging regularly…my poor neglected blog!

And I would like to read more chapter books because…..

  1. Chapter books make me happy!
  2. I can give more book recommendations to students and teachers (or anyone who will listen).
  3. It will help me find great books to purchase for both my school libraries.

So with my Nerdlution in mind……

I highly recommend that you read Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley! If I had to name my favorite chapter book of 2015….Circus Mirandus is it! I love this book because it is about hope, magic, dreams, courage, friendship and most of all love!!

Plus, the illustrations are exquisite!


What was your favorite chapter book from 2015? Have you started your Nerdlution? Join in the nerdy fun today!


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2 Responses to Join the 2016 Nerdlution!

  1. I loved this book too! Looking forward to your posts!

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