Star Wars Reading Month: May the Reading Force Be With You!

Confession: I LOVED the new Star Wars movie! I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars but I think my fandom has reached new heights with the latest movie. I know my students are crazy about Star Wars too. So of course our reading month theme had to be Star Wars: May the Reading Force Be With You! Check out all the fun Star Wars reading activities we did in March!

First, I updated the Battle of the Books from a knights theme to Star Wars. I was able to find most of the pictures on the Internet and then I altered them in Publisher. In fact, 3 out of the 5 images I found here. So thank you @Hafuboti for the awesome posters!

Battle of the books Star Wars

Battle of the Books

Star Wars Bulletin Board

Book Wars

Then I add the scores to the bulletin board and posters for the top 4 teams that made it into the finals!

final four star wars

I really enjoyed updating the theme and the students loved it too!

leah at assembly

Next, it was on to our school wide goal for reading month! Princess Leia shared our goal at a school wide assembly. Our goal was to reach 100,000 minutes to defeat the dark side! The dark side didn’t think we could do it….

Star Wars minutes

The lightsaber in the beginning…

Star Wars Light Saber blank

The lightsaber after all reading logs were turned in!

star wars final light saberThe dark side shouldn’t have doubted us. The students reached the first goal of 100,000 minutes in 3 weeks. Then we set a 2nd goal to blow up the Death Star by reaching 150,000 minutes! We reached that goal too and students read over 158,000 minutes for the month of March. The students loved the visual of the lightsaber getting colored in as they got closer to their goal.

And if you are going to have a school wide reading goal….You have to have fun Star Wars bookmarks to go with the goal! I found Star Wars bookmarks on Teachers Pay Teachers.

star wars bookmark

I also love doing book raffles in the library. During reading month many of the weekly raffles were Star Wars themed, of course!

Star Wars raffle

Finally, my favorite night in March was our Star Wars themed Literacy Night! We had 7 rooms for students to visit and enjoy!

The Death Star Book Walk Room: Everyone left with a book!

Book walk room

book walk room 2

The Bookmark Room: Students could use many materials to make their own bookmark including Star Wars stickers!

Bookmark room

The Snack Room: Popsicles!


The Flashlight Room

flashlight room

Guest Readers in the Library

Guest Reader

Outer Space Game in the Computer Lab

computer lab

Star Wars Sing Along Room

Star Wars sing along room

Students also had a blast posing with BB8!

star wars pose

Okay…maybe students weren’t the only ones that had fun at Literacy Night!


star wars pose 2

Thanks for my checking out my blog post! May the reading force be with you!

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5 Responses to Star Wars Reading Month: May the Reading Force Be With You!

  1. hafuboti says:

    I love all that you did! And I’m so glad you used and enjoyed my art 🙂

  2. Michele says:

    A book walk?????? Oh my gosh, that is brilliant!!!!! I am so going to try that.

    • Niki Barnes says:

      The kids loved it. We just had families turn in used books they no longer wanted and then gave them away at literacy night. Each student left with a book! 🙂

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