The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Nerd Camp!

Top 5

I can’t believe Nerd Camp will be celebrating year four next week! It has been amazing being a nerd crew member from the beginning in 2013. Each year it gets bigger and better thanks to the 3 main organizers: Colby Sharp, Alaina Sharp and Suzanne Gibbs. I’m very excited to help out again this year! And I thought I would share the 5 reasons why I love Nerd Camp! If you haven’t been to Nerd Camp yet….maybe this will convince you to join us! Here’s to many more years of Nerd Camp and letting our book nerd flags fly!


5. Lots of Learning!

Check out the first day sessions this year! And the day 2 (un)conference is awesome too!

Donalyn slide

Donalyn Miller presenting at Nerd Camp

4. Nerd Run

Okay. I’m not a runner….but I can walk. So I am all about Team Saunter! I will be sauntering at Nerd Camp again this year.
nerd camp run

 Go Team Saunter!

3. Nerdy Authors

There are so many amazing authors coming to Nerd Camp this year! Check out the list! So awesome how many authors have been willing to come to Nerd Camp Jr. to make it special for kids!

 Nerd AuthorAuthor Kristen Kittscher and I getting Nerdy!

2. Nerdy Friends

One of the best things about Nerd Camp is meeting up with friends! I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones again this year.

nerdy gathering

 The First Nerdy Dinner in 2013

nerd friends pic

I’m hanging with my Nerdy Pals!

1. The Nerdy Crew

There are many more volunteers each year as Nerd Camp grows. It is great to look back and see the small crew of people that started it all. I can’t wait to help out again this year!

nerd camp gang

 The Nerd Crew in 2013

As you may have guessed….I think Nerd Camp is wonderful! Here is more information about this years event! We even have a theme song! What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

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