Vote Books for President!


Okay, yes I know books can’t run for president… But I would totally vote for books to be president (depending on the books of course)!


This election year has been…..interesting. So interesting that sometimes books come in handy! If you are like me and you want to share the love of reading and the election process with students… Here are some interesting reads for this election year. I plan on posting more books as the election season draws near. Here are 5 that have my vote!


Thomas Jefferson 2

A fascinating biography about Thomas Jefferson’s love of books and how he helped rebuild the Library of Congress.


Brick by Brick

A book about the people who built the White House.

“The president of a new country
needs a new home,
so many hands work
together as one.

Black hands,
white hands,
free hands,
slave hands.”


Abraham Lincoln

This is a great first biography book for younger students about Abraham Lincoln. 

Bad Kitty for President

A hilarious way to teach students about the election process. Students love Bad Kitty!


Babymouse for President

Babymouse is running for president of the student council. One problem….so is everyone else. Will Babymouse win? I do love her slogan…A vote for Babymouse is a vote for cupcakes! 


Bad Kitty vs BabymouseIn 2012 my librarian friend Travis Jonker and I had fun with the election season. The students were able to vote for their favorite book character for president. Bad Kitty won! But Babymouse was still a good sport and gave the whole school cupcakes! 


What books do you plan on sharing this Fall during the election season?

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3 Responses to Vote Books for President!

  1. Great list! I would add “Duck for President”. That’s another fun one. I love the idea of having an election of book characters. Hmmmm…….

    • Niki Barnes says:

      Hi Jennifer! Yes! Duck is going to be one of the 2 characters we use for our election this year! The kids loved voting for their favorite book character during the last election! 🙂

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