My Favorite Bulletin Boards! (Part 2)

My Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas (Part 2)!

I’m starting to think about what bulletin boards I want to put up this school year. So I am looking back at bulletin boards I have done in the past. Here are some more of my favorite book inspired bulletin board ideas. If you can’t get enough bulletin board ideas… Here is Part 1 of my favorite bulletin boards. Feel free to take any ideas and make them your own this school year.

Book Characters for President!

Bad Kitty vs Babymouse

This is a fun idea you can try this year. We had students vote for Bad Kitty or Babymouse for President four years ago. This year Travis Jonker and I are going to do the same thing again but with different book characters. Here is a post about book characters for president.

25 Days of Picture Books!

25 days of pb 1

 25 days of pb 225 days of pb 3I decided to celebrate the holiday season in my classroom by unwrapping picture books each day. Every student in my classroom unwrapped a picture book and read it first after I read it to the class. The student also signed the book and we added it to our classroom library for all the students to enjoy. Here is the post about 25 Days of Picture books if you want more information.

Star Wars Bulletin Board

Star Wars 1

Star Wars 2

I really enjoyed last years reading month theme: Star Wars! The students loved it too! Here is a post with more ideas for a Star Wars themed reading month.

Poem in Your Pocket!

Poem in Your Pocket 1

Poem in Your Pocket 2

My favorite day in April is Poem in Your Pocket Day! The students all pick a poem and put it in their pockets. Then they read their poems to other teachers and staff. It is such a fun way to share poetry! I love it! Here is more information about Poem in Your Pocket Day!

So what are your favorite bulletin board ideas?! I would love to hear what you do to get kids excited about books and reading in your library or classroom!




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