Blog Tour: Gertie’s Leap To Greatness


Gertie’s Leap to Greatness by Kate Beasley

Gertie’s mission is to be the greatest fifth grader in the whole wide world! Gertie isn’t the fastest, the tallest or the smartest student but she has pure determination! Gertie never gives up! I love the journey that Gertie goes on to try and reach her grandiose goal. She is spunky. Gertie has gumption.


And Kate Beasley has me loving Gertie from the first line, “The bullfrog was only half dead, which was perfect.” You know from the first line that there is going to be a lot of mischief, trouble and laughter. Gertie and her two best friends are in for a lot of mishaps on their way to greatness which include zombie frogs, fancy haircuts, dramatic auditions, fancy chocolates….and lots and lots of Twinkies.

One thing for sure….Gertie is great! A great book for everyone to read! In fact, teachers should read this book aloud to their students. Go ahead….just take the leap!


Kathy Burnette and I at Bookbug in Kalamazoo

The awesome people at Macmillan asked me to nominate someone I think is great like Gertie. I nominated my friend Kathy Burnette. She received a copy of Gertie to celebrate her greatness.

Kathy has gumption just like Gertie. She is truly one of a kind. I love Kathy because she stretches my thinking. She goes above and beyond as a librarian, teacher, mother and friend. Kathy is quirky just like Gertie. She loves coffee and coffee mugs….but forget the hugs. I think to truly understand how great Kathy is you just need to listen to her powerful Nerdy Bookcast. Thanks for being you, Kathy!

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