My Top 16 Books in 2016! (Part 2)


Over the next couple of days…I’m sharing my sweet 16! The top 16 books I read this year! Today I’m sharing my top nonfiction picture book favorites! 


The Secret Subway

 The Secret Subway is visually stunning. I love this interesting story about the man who created the first subway in New York City. My fourth grade students were also intrigued. A must read!



If the cover of Pink is for Blobfish doesn’t grab you…I don’t know what will! I love all the amazing creatures and interesting facts in this book! Students who love animals will love this book!



I read Whoosh! to my fourth grade students and they were enthralled. It is a great mentor text to show how inventors make many mistakes before their invention comes to life and how much perseverance is needed to succeed. Plus, students loved learning about this fun invention. 

So which nonfiction picture books did you love in 2016? Remember to check back tomorrow for more of my favorite books! Happy Reading!



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